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Valid from: January 1, 2023.

The price is net (+ 20% VAT).

Dear Client(s),

autumn is often regarded as a time of preparation. Our company also uses this season as preparation for the next year. In doing so, we not only want to reflect the current situation in our prices, but also introduce a new structure in our price adjustments in the future.

We have decided not to adjust our prices directly to the current inflation rate. Instead, we are going to adapt our prices every six months; the changes will be based on the respective periods before the adaption.

This means the following for you: In the future, we will automatically adjust our prices to the average of the previous 6-month period of the Austrian Consumer Price Index (CPI), which is therefore lower than the current inflation rate. However, for the first calculation, we will exceptionally take into account the period 01-09/2022. So our new hourly rate will be as of 1st January 2023 EUR 163/hour + VAT.

Due to inflation, our costs are rising, as are those for energy, housing, banking services, etc. The adjustment of the fees compensates the inflation of the past period. This way we can cover our increased costs and maintain our high-standard services.

As your tax consultancy, we recommend that you, as an entrepreneur, prearrange for the next year and consider the modified situation in your pricing also. To assist you in this, we are going to send you further tips and auxiliary materials in December. We would also kindly suggest arranging a consultation with the Chamber of Commerce or, if required, with us; our experts are pleased to be at your disposal.

Thank you for your understanding and for your trust in us.


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The discounted consultant hour lasts a maximum of 60 minutes. Any additional time will be billed at a hourly rate of EUR 163 + VAT
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Online seminar about founding an (individual) company in Austria in Hungarian, German or English
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